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8 Best Tips for New Wig Wearers

Guest Post by – Wankaya Hinkson is a Celebrity Hairstylist & CEO of ONE by Wankaya and a guest on Episode 4 of Onward and Upward Season 1.

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There are so many ways that you can express yourself through hairstyles, wigs being one of them. 

While wigs have become a mainstream fashion, you may not know where to start if you are a beginner in the wig world. From wig fit to even the type of wig you buy, it can all be a bit overwhelming at first. But, we want to give you some great tips so that you can rock your wig with confidence. 

Measuring Your Head

wig sizing chart

Before you even think about purchasing your first wig, the first thing to do is to know your head measurements. While the average wig size may fit most buyers, it is always a good practice to take your measurements if you may fall in a small size or larger sized wig. 

wig measuring

To take your head measurements, you will need a measuring tape and a piece of paper and a pen to record them. Start by measuring your head ear to ear, going over the top part of your head. Now measure your head circumference, going across the hairline. Then, front to back, starting at the hairline and going to the nape of the neck.  

Take a look at our visual guide for a helpful guide on getting your measurements just right.

Choosing Your Wig Type

Black woman wearing a short wig and a white top
Shila Wig

There are many wig types to choose from, not only in styles but also in hair and closure type. We want to give some of the basics on what types are available to you: 

  • Full Lace Wigs – Full lace wig units get their name because they are usually contracted from a full lace cap. They are also made with human hair on most occasions and allow for versatile styling. You can part the hair any way you want for your style needs and also get proper ventilation.
  • 360 Frontal Wigs – This type of wig only has the mesh lace around the hairline and a cap in the middle. You still have the lace where you need it the most, and it is created with human hair as well most times. This wig type allows for versatile styling while also being more affordable than a full lace wig.
  • Lace Front Wigs – Like 360 frontal wigs, lace front wigs only have the mesh/lacing on from the part for your hairline. It also uses human hair and is probably one of the most cost-effective and common options for those looking for a high-quality wig.
  • Ready-Made Wigs – These wigs can be found at most beauty supply stores and are usually made of synthetic hair. These wigs lack the styling versatility that human hair and lace wigs do and

 In terms of hair for your wigs, you can get synthetic hair, human hair, or a mix of both. Many prefer to use and wear human hair wigs because even though they are on the pricier, they are much easier to style and last longer than synthetic wigs.  

Choosing Your Wig Color

Black woman wearing a shoulder length wig and a white top
Tria Wig

If you are looking to choose a hair color that is more along the lines of your natural hair color, then a good rule of thumb is to venture only two shades lighter or darker. If the hair color is not quite what you are looking for, using hair dye to color your wig is a route that you can take for wigs made from human hair. While coloring the hair may be something you can do yourself, we highly suggest taking it to a professional to get it colored and styled correctly. 

 If you want to have a bit more fun with your wig colors, feel free to experiment with fun shades and colors! 

Prepping Your Wig For Wear

Black woman wearing a short wig, black blouse, and teal ear rings and necklace
Nana Wig

If you’re just pulling your wig out the package, then it’s going to need a little work to make it ready to wear. If you are happy with the wig’s style and density, then all you need to do is hold your wig upside down and brush it out gently. If your wig needs a bit more than a good brush out, then there is no shame in taking it to get professionally styled. This a great option if you need to cut layers into the wig, decrease the density, or adjust the wig length.  

Securing Your Wig

Black woman wearing a short curly wig and a teal top
Wanda Wig

While many wigs come with adjustable straps and combination styles to ensure that your wig is secure, sometimes you want just a little more security in your wig not moving throughout the day. There are plenty of methods that can help you keep your wig in place. Here are a few options that you may want to test:

  • Wig Grip Band
  • Metal Wig Clips
  • Wig Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Bobby Pins

A quick tip, if you are looking to use wig glue or double-sided tape, you want to be careful in removing your wig once you are finished with the style as it can cause further damage to your natural hairline. 

Care For Your Wig

Keeping your wigs clean and cared for are the number one way to keep them last for a long time. And like how you get quality products for the hair that grows out your head (at least you should), you should be purchasing quality products for your wig. Using rejuvenating, revitalizing shampoos and conditioners, like one of my customers’ favorites-shampoo and conditioner from ONE by Wankaya. It will keep it looking shiny and brand new. 

After you are done washing your wig, take some time to gently detangle and brush the hair out, and set it on a wig form to dry. Leaving your wigs to dry on a form not only helps the wig dry evenly, but it also allows for the wig to not get tangled in storage, and it helps to keep the wigs original shape, size, and mold. 

Create a Wardrobe of Wigs

Black woman wearing a white top and a curly wig
Captivating Katrina Wig

Most wig users have between 2 to 20 wigs and their wardrobe. Maybe you are someone who just wants a few go-to wigs that can be styled multiple ways, or perhaps you want a wig for every day of the week. No matter who you are, taking the time to curate your own wig wardrobe will be a fun way of discovering your style. 

Here are some wigs from ASHRO that we think will be an absolute hit in your wig closet: 

Have Confidence!

Wearing a wig for the first time can be a little weird, and you may always be wondering if people know you are wearing a wig. But if there is any tip that you should take away, is that you are fierce and phenomenal and that you should rock your wigs and show them off! 

For even more tips and tricks about wigs read African Wigs 101 from the Ashro Blog!

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I like how you mentioned that there is a proper measure for the wig and the shape of your head for a proper look. My sister mentioned to me last night that she’s hoping to find a store that sells hairpieces for her ideal look, and she asked if I had any suggestions on what she should do. Thank you for this informative article, and I’ll be sure to tell her that she can consult a reputable hair replacement center for assistance in achieving her desired look.

Thank you for sharing John! Yes, wig measurements are an important part of wigs and we want to make sure wigs are secure and comfortable. Thanks again!

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