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Partnership to Empower Black women to prioritize their health

The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness announced its partnership with national fashion brand Ashro to empower Black women to prioritize and transform their health. The partnership is an extension of the Foundation’s commitment to ‘Empower a Generation of Well Black Women’, and Ashro’s commitment to invest in the well-being of their customer base of predominantly Black women.

Established in 2012, The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is a Wisconsin-based non-profit organization committed to eliminating health disparities and other barriers impacting the lives of Black women and girls. Ashro, based in Monroe, Wisconsin, is a women’s catalog and online retailer that sells apparel, shoes and fashion accessories, with a customer base spread over the U.S., mostly located in the southeast region of the country. 

Lisa Peyton-Caire, Founding CEO & President of the Foundation, will write a periodic column for the retailer’s website that shares key insights about the health challenges Black women face and how they can elevate their wellness journey. Peyton-Caire embraces the partnership with Ashro as a unique opportunity to engage a new audience in the Foundation’s movement to transform Black women’s health. Her educational blog posts and other Foundation content will empower Ashro customers to take charge of their own health. 

Black Woman in Well Black Woman t-shirt
Lisa Peyton-Caire, Founder & CEO

“Too many Black women are losing their lives to preventable illnesses, and this is something we can and must change. At the Foundation, we are building a sisterhood of women striving for change together,” Peyton-Caire said. “We want to spark conversations with Ashro’s customers that elevate these issues and mobilize Black women, wherever they are, to make changes now that protect and extend their lives.”

While Black women make up roughly 7% of the U.S. population and 14% percent of the total population of women, they are overrepresented in all major categories of disease and illness including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, obesity, stroke and reproductive disorders. Ashro executives recognized how these risks impact their customers and reached out to the Foundation with a proposal: to join forces and make a positive difference together. 

“We’re thrilled to share Lisa’s and the Foundation’s message and perspective with our audience,” said Suzanne Sawyer, Merchandising Brand Director for Ashro.“We deeply care about our customer’s well-being. The Foundation’s passionate and powerful advocacy for the health of Black women will resonate with and inspire the Ashro Woman to take charge of her health in meaningful ways.”

Peyton-Caire will be featured on Ashro’s blog twice in February. Her first blog/post will be focused on National Heart Disease Month and she will also be included in Ashro’s Onward & Upward with Leslie E. Royal video interview series.



Established in June 2012, The Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness is committed to empowering Black women and girls to build and sustain healthy, thriving, wellness-centered lives. We energize, mobilize and support Black women to transform their health through education, support, powerful partnerships, and by influencing systemic change that disrupts racial health disparities. Each year we reach, engage, and support thousands of women and girls to build healthier lives. To learn more, visit

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Hello.thsts alsome what you have done

So excited to join such a team…I’m ready and able to join the sisterhood fir healthcare and wellness.

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