Ashro Woman: Charmain C

Meet Woman of the Week, Charmain, from Jamaica! Deeply inspired by her mother’s giving spirit, Charmain puts her heart and soul into helping others. It’s where she finds her joy.

Ashro Woman: Paulette G.

Meet Woman of the Week, Paulette G. from Washington D.C.! “What makes me get up in the morning is my anxiousness about what God has waiting for me. ‘So God, what’s in store for today?’”

How to Make a Wig Look Real

a black woman wearing long solver and black cardigan, black shirt, and brown pants

Synthetic wigs are an inexpensive way to change up your look from time to time. The main issue with synthetic wigs is the level of difficulty there is to make them look like natural hair. Luckily, we’re here to reveal some amazing (and some unbelievable) ways to make your wig look more real.

Ashro Woman: Lynn M.

Meet Yvette from Farmington Hills, MI. For Yvette, living in the moment is enjoying the little things—like watching old sitcoms with her husband and making chicken/broccoli casserole for her family.

Ashro Caftans Fall Preview

Black women wearing caftans with Afrocentric print

Ashro became a go to for me and many members of my group looking for affordable and attractive caftan styles!  I love them long, I love them short, brightly colored and neutral!  They’re so easy to wear, universally flattering and versatile.  I don’t just limit my caftans to just staying home…as I begin to venture out more—safely, of course—I am wearing my caftans.

Ashro Woman: Lynn M.

Meet Ashro Woman of the week, Lynn from Marietta, GA “My mother and aunt showed me what it was to be a good parent, and my grandmother showed me what it was to be a strong and powerful woman.”