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Ashro Woman: Denise S.

Ashro Woman of the Week, Denise S. From Washington DC.Can you say UNSTOPPABLE? With her husband of 29 years by her side, this happily married mother, pastor and Christian recording artist keeps on pushing the boundaries and following her callings.

Ashro Woman: Jacqueline F.

Ashro Woman of the Week, Jacqueline F. from Philadelphia, PA. “My greatest struggle was when the pandemic first hit.” As a certified nursing assistant working in a hospital, Jacqueline has cared for her patients physically, emotionally and even spiritually: COVID patients, elderly patients and suicide patients.

Ashro customer wearing Carlett Coat and Fedora Hat Ashro Customer – Alysha R. [Lookbook]

Alysha has been a customer of Ashro’s for many years. We asked for her to model her Ashro outfits for us and tell us how our fashions make her feel. She did a fabulous job! Check out her lookbook!

Ashro customer posing in orange Tunic Ashro Customer, Kiauna [Lookbook]

Meet Kiauna! She’s a native Detroiter…and an Ashro woman, through and through. We partnered with her to showcase a variety of Ashro looks for you to browse through. Enjoy!

Ashro Woman: Vanessa H.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Vanessa H. from Jacksonville, FL. “I embody The Ashro Woman every day in my salon studio.” Vanessa, seasoned Master Hair Stylist AND veteran of the Airforce National Guard, sees The Ashro Woman as one who “exudes strength even in weakness—and times of uncertainty.

Black woman wearing a purple ruffle suit Your Sunday Best Dressing Guide

Are you a traditionalist or a trendsetter? The definition of “formal” church attire has evolved into an eclectic mix of upscale styles, and African American women have more Sunday and Easter outfit options than ever. With so many choices, how do you choose the right look for you?

Ashro Woman: Tameka P.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Tameka P. from Goldsboro, NC. A pastor AND a first lady, Tameka has always had faith in God—whether the living was easy or difficult. Thankfully, Tameka is no stranger to putting family first. She considers it a triumph to be able to care for her parents and her husband’s mother…and a blessing to have raised her niece and nephew.

Ashro Woman: Nekisha C.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Nekisha C. from Atlanta, GA Pastor Nekisha is a woman of many titles, and she wears them all with grace. She is Wife, Mother of 6, Pastor, First Lady, Career Woman and Law Student! God is at the very center of her being and her life. “I have been speaking to the Lord since I was a child. I never knew that one day I would Pastor and lead others in the ways of the Lord. It really is one of my greatest gifts.”

Ashro customer wearing black two piece dress posing on a stage Ashro Customer D’ann [Lookbook]

D’ann V. Johnson is a Georgia native and a proud Ashro Women! We sent this Fashionista some outfits and here’s how she rocked them. Thank you D’ann!

Ashro Woman: Shara M.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Shara M. from Jacksonville, FL. Shara describes herself as “fierce, full-figured and fabulous.” As a certified business, lifestyle coach and SHE-EO of her own nonprofit, we would also add the words, generous, tenacious, accomplished and visionary.

Ashro Woman: Reta M.

Meet Reta M. from Evergreen, AL. A pillar of courage, strength and intellectual curiosity, Reta is both a retired war veteran and retired correctional officer. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal science and a deep love for the military and criminal justice.

Ashro Woman: Bobbi S.

Meet Bobbi S. from Jacksonville, FL. Classy but sassy, Bobbi is a wife, mother, author and retired educator who loves jazz, overseas travel and writing.

Ashro Woman: DaVesa B.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, DaVesa B. from Granite City, IL Faith-filled and empowered, DaVesa Brown is a minister’s wife, mother and jewelry entrepreneur who also works at a non-profit community outreach organization.

Ashro Woman: D’Ann J.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, D’Ann J. from Covington, GA As a pastor AND a pastor’s wife, D’Ann shares both marriage and ministry with her husband. This was not planned. In fact, D’Ann says, “Being the First Lady is proof of God’s sense of humor…I specifically told Him that I did not want to marry a pastor.”

Ashro Woman: Kelli F.

Meet Kelli Ferrell from Atlanta, GA Owner of Nana’s Chicken-N-Waffles, Kelli is also an author, celebrity chef and mom to 5 beautiful daughters! “My greatest gift is being a mother! My house gets very crazy with 5 daughters, but I wouldn’t ask for anything different. It’s like having a bunch of mini me’s (sometimes it’s good and sometimes…LOL).”

Ashro model wearing Goddess Headwrap and Africa Earrings The History of African Headwraps

Take a look at the history of the headwraps and how they are both a functional and powerful accessory!

A black woman with long wavy hair and white hoop earrings wearing a green and blue Afrocentric headwrap. How-To-Tie Headwraps [VIDEOS]

Fashionista and blog/ger, Xayli, shares video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to tie headwraps from turbans to bows, etc. Watch Now!

Ashro Woman: Karen P.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Karen P. from Glendale, WI Not only has Karen invested in family, she has also invested in herself—in her growth and development. She is a retired insurance specialist, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha and an author. She is proud of the fact that she has published a book of poetry and earned her Master’s degree. Go Karen!

Ashro Woman: Monique P.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Monique P. from Bradenton, FL Monique is a US Navy veteran, mother, and small business owner who has not always had it easy. In fact, she once spent two months as a working homeless mother.

Ashro Woman: Francesca T.

Meet Ashro Woman of the Week, Francesca T. from Detroit, MI This brave, beautiful woman has been through trials that could have killed and broken her. “God is the reason I’ve lived and survived.” Francesca has chosen to be “an example and testimony of His power.”